Take-Two CEO has high expectations for GTA 6, Rockstar must aim for perfection

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick recently stated that GTA 6 should offer a never-before-seen experience, aiming for perfection. This statement only fuels the growing expectations of gamers, who hope that the next opus in the series will be one of the best open-world games in recent years.

In a recent appearance on the Good Time Show podcast, Zelnick outlined the challenges Rockstar Games faces when developing a new game in the franchise. According to him, ” each new opus must be innovative and unique, while reflecting the spirit of Grand Theft Auto.”. He also added that Rockstar Games strives for perfection through a simple yet demanding approach.

These statements are of great interest, especially in view of last year’s gameplay leaks which seemed to show that GTA 6 would not be very different from its predecessors. If these leaks are not representative of the final game, it will be fascinating to discover what Zelnick promises as a novel experience.

Currently, little information is available about GTA 6, other than that it’s in development. Rumors suggest a release at the end of next year, or even early 2025. A release date announcement could be imminent, as Rockstar Games may be more confident now that the entire staff is back in the office after the pandemic.