MagSafe could be the future of iPhone charging: colorful prototypes have reportedly been produced

Apple could eventually launch a portless iPhone, and MagSafe would serve as a viable alternative for charging. Although it’s too early to draw any conclusions, the company has made different-colored prototypes of MagSafe for the iPhone. It was previously discovered that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models might support the Qi2 wireless charging standardwhich requires a magnetic connection for seamless energy transfer.

A MagSafe prototype in saturated Starlight color, but apparently abandoned.

According to a rare Apple product collector, Twitter user KosutamiSan claims that Apple has potentially been working on new color options for the MagSafe iPhone charger, as the company has made a prototype of at least one new color.

This means that the company may have intended to launch other color options in addition to the current silver one. Although the product appears to have been discontinued, the company may reintroduce it in the future.

Note that this is not the company’s first approach, as it is already offering colored MagSafe Charging 2 cables with the new MacBook Air M2. These colored MagSafe charging cables are also sold separately in four distinct color options that match the color of their respective MacBook Air – Gray, Midnight, Silver and Starlight. However, the colors of the MagSafe washer could be different from that of the MagSafe power cables for the MacBook Air. The user has shared a reference image of a Starlight-colored MagSafe charging washer.

So far, we haven’t seen a MagSafe in any color other than silver. It’s possible that the company is working on additional color options, or has abandoned the approach and opted for the standard silver option.

MagSafe charger

Apple is switching to USB-C with the launch of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro later this year. While the new standard will pave the way for faster wired charging for the iPhone, the company could also integrate support for the Qi2 standard. This will enable the iPhone 15 range to offer faster charging speeds, both wired and wireless. Finally, the company could decide to introduce a portless iPhone, and MagSafe would remain the only option for charging the device. However, this is mere speculation at this stage, as the final say rests with Apple.