Avoid this zodiac sign from March 10, astrologers advise

Astrology is a discipline that studies the position of the stars and their presumed influence on the destiny of men. Karmas, their relationships with individuals, and their environment are also taken into account in this fascinating field of study. The twelve signs of the zodiac represent the different archetypes of cosmic energy that circulates all around us. With March 10 just around the corner, it’s crucial to know that there are certain precautions that need to be taken regarding a particular zodiac sign.

The sign to avoid from March 10

This is the sign of Pisces that should be avoided according to astrologers during this period, Not least because the Sun is in the same sign between February 20 and March 20. This period also coincides with the end of the winter season and the beginning of spring, which frequently causes considerable energetic upheavals and can cause confusion in some individuals.

Reasons why Pisces should be avoided

Here are some main reasons why astrologers advise people to be wary of the sign of Pisces as early as March 10:

  • Pisces is often perceived as moody and unpredictable, which makes communication difficult and can create an unintentional misunderstanding.
  • Pisces individuals often tend to be heavily influenced by cosmic energies, which can lead to emotional instability.
  • Their hypersensitivity can result in excessive susceptibility in some cases.
  • Pisces are also known for their tendency to introversion, which can lead to misunderstanding or frustration among their interlocutors.

How do you manage, deflect, or neutralize Pisces energy during this time?

Obviously, people born under the sign of Pisces during this period cannot be completely avoided.

It is therefore essential to find ways to manage this situation without harming our social and professional relationships. Here are some tips from astrologers:

  • Empathize with Pisces while preserving your own emotional boundaries.
  • Encourage Pisces to express their thoughts and emotions without judgment or criticism.
  • Create a space where they can feel safe to share their concerns and feel heard.
  • Be patient and prepared to deal with their frequent need for solitude.
  • Cultivate understanding and acceptance of individual differences.

Using Gems to Stabilize In-Game Energies

For those who believe in lithotherapy, it is possible to guard against the harmful effects of energy fluctuations caused by the passage of the sun in the sign of Pisces. To do this, There are gemstones associated with it that help stabilize or alleviate energy imbalances during this time.

Here are some examples of stones that may be beneficial:

  1. Amethyst: This purple stone symbolizes spirituality, wisdom, and healing. It helps balance emotions and boost mental clarity.
  2. Rose Quartz: This soft and tender stone promotes unconditional love and compassion. It helps heal emotional wounds and create a sense of inner peace.
  3. Fluorite: Known for its protective properties, fluorite wards off negative energies and encourages concentration and reflection.
  4. Red Jasper: This stone anchors and protects, it is often used to stimulate creativity and physical energy.

It’s important to note that each person reacts differently to gemstones and one should always rely on your instincts to determine what works best for you.

Tailor your approach to different aspects of the sign

In the practice of astrology, it is essential to take into account the various aspects including the sun, moon and ascendant. It is not enough to focus only on the sun sign of Pisces to have a complete understanding of the energetic context from March 10 onwards.