Apple’s AR VR headset is expected to contribute around 10% of the company’s business, but this will take years

In terms of revenue, Apple’s AR headset and the successive models to be launched in the coming years will certainly not replace the iPhone, but they will at least have some importance in terms of a new product category.

Even today, the first iteration of the mixed-reality headset is only expected to bring in $3 billion, assuming Apple ships around 100,000 units over the course of the year, rumored to be priced at $3,000. Fortunately, the future looks bright, according to one analyst, who believes that this category will contribute around 10% of business. business.

Apple’s AR headset range won’t need 10 years to make a significant contribution to the company’s business

Shipping 100,000 units in one year may not convince any skeptics after reading that Apple generated $94.8 billion in revenue in the previous quarter, but analyst Gene Muster thinks it will take the AR headset a few years to establish itself.

Speaking to its customers on Friday, Patently Apple reports that as consumers demand a more immersive product experience, this will pave the way for a healthier headset market. By 2030, this product category could be big business for Apple.

It’s been eight years since Apple last ventured into a new product category. On June 5, that’s likely to change when Apple is expected to preview its developer version of a $3,000 mixed reality headset at the WWDC conference. Many investors are skeptical about the device’s prospects, as headsets are currently a solution in search of a problem.

I think the trend towards more immersive technological experiences will continue, which should pave the way for a robust headset market. By 2030, I think the wearables/glasses segment could account for 10% of Apple’s sales (assuming they don’t get out of cars), a business similar in size to Apple’s Macs and iPads today.

Let’s take Apple’s previous sales figures and compare them with AR headset shipment estimates. The device will only bring in $3 billion out of $94.8 billion, a meager 3.16% of total sales, and that’s assuming Apple sells 100,000 units each quarter, which is unlikely at present.

Instead, Apple is probably banking on a cheaper mixed-reality headset to be launched in 2025, along with a pair of smart glasses. Apple seems to be having some trouble with its AR glasses, particularly where power consumption is concerned, but rumors of the company’s plans give a glimpse of its commitment to this segment. For now, we can all agree that Apple’s headset won’t replace the iPhone, but it could be the most important product announcement in years.