A new generation of Apple Watch Ultra is planned for this year, here’s what we know

Last year, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Ultra, offering exclusive features aimed at professional athletes and trainers. This model has a more imposing design than the standard Apple Watch Series 8.

According to the latest information, Apple is currently working on the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra, which should be launched later this year, simultaneously with the new Apple Watch Series 9 and the iPhone 15 range. However, it may not be worth waiting for this version.

A new generation Apple Watch Ultra is expected this year, here's what we know

Apple plans to unveil second-generation Apple Watch at same time as Series 9 and iPhone 15

According to recent information from Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter, Apple plans to release the second-generation model of the Apple Watch Ultra in the coming months. In addition, two size variants of the Apple Watch Series 9 will also be launched.

As for design and functionality, no further information was given by the analyst. It is likely that the design will remain the same, as this is a relatively new product, and the company will probably maintain this aesthetic for one or two years before making any changes.

Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra is distinguished by its larger screen than the Series 8 and a customizable action button. You can customize the features of the Apple Watch Ultra to suit your needs and preferences. Rumors have also suggested that the action button will appear on iPhone 15 Pro models this year. The company will say goodbye to the “Mute” button and replace it with the action button.

Concerning the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra, Apple could add additional sensors to improve fitness and health monitoring. The Series 9 will also be updated with additional features, but the Apple Watch Ultra will retain certain differentiating elements.

apple watch ultra

The screen size will remain unchanged, as will the exterior design. However, it is possible that Apple will integrate a faster S9 chip based on the A15 Bionic chip to improve performance and battery life.

Rumors about other Apple devices

Mark Gurman also shared information about future Apple products, including a new iMac Pro and OLED iPad Pro models. The new iPad Pro OLED will be launched next year, alongside an iPad Air model equipped with an improved M2 chip. In addition, Apple is working on the second generation AirPods Pro, although the launch date has not yet been specified by the analyst.

The Apple Watch Ultra is priced higher than the standard model, and it’s possible that the price of the second generation will remain similar.