5 seconds – that’s how long it takes all the geniuses to find the heart in the picture!

IQ tests plunge participants into stimulating environments where they must fully mobilize their intellectual faculties to find the most appropriate answers.

These tests offer an opportunity to test not only academic knowledge, but also analytical skills, critical thinking and the ability to find creative solutions.

Today, we present an exciting visual IQ challenge that will challenge even the brightest minds. This specific challenge involves finding the heart hidden in a picture.

You’ll need observation, attention to detail and speed to solve this visual riddle. We’ll now explain how to do it, so you can get to grips with this captivating challenge.

Get ready to dive into this visual challenge and put your mental acuity to the test. Will you be able to spot the heart hidden in the image and successfully complete this visual IQ challenge? Put your skills to the test and discover just how far your genius can take you!

Visual challenge: 5 seconds is the time it takes all geniuses to find the heart in the picture!

Visual test

During this visual IQ challenge, participants will only have to 5 seconds to find the heart in an image. It’s an excellent exercise for exercising logical thinking and finding solutions.

Participants will have to look very carefully at the picture to find where the heart is hidden among the birds and their skills.

The solution

Visual response test

The solution to this visual challenge is very simple: the heart was hidden in the top left-hand corner above the two birds.


Have you passed the Visual IQ challenge with flying colors? Your insight and skill in solving these visual puzzles is truly impressive! If you’d like to continue with other equally captivating challenges, look no further. There are still so many mysteries to explore and new puzzles to solve.

Feel free to share these challenges with your friends and family, and put their knowledge and skills to the test. Together, you’ll be able to immerse yourselves in a world of intellectual entertainment and take on exciting challenges that will stimulate your senses and get you thinking creatively.

So get ready for new moments of fun, challenge and discovery, and see who among you can surpass the expectations of eye test !

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